Esports Team

New England Tech鈥檚 Esports Team competes in NECC (National Esports Collegiate Conference) and ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference). Building strong teams in the most popular collegiate game titles and competing with the best across the nation remains at the forefront of our mission. Being part of NECC (National Esports Collegiate Conference), and CCL (College Call of Duty League) will allow players the opportunity to compete at the highest levels in their game.

麻豆色情片鈥檚 Tech Tigers practice and compete in the Esports Center at our main campus located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

In addition to a strong varsity program, New England Tech also offers robust esports club and recreation programs.

Do You Have What It Takes To Compete?

We field teams in the biggest game titles including Valorant, Overwatch 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and more 鈥 gauged by student interest and talent. Tryouts are open to all New England Tech students.

Our Esports Center

Level up your game like never before in our innovative Esports Center. Open daily for free play, weekly leagues, and tournaments, the facility has some of the most advanced gaming technologies and most popular games on the market, with plenty of competition to sharpen your skills.

Make friends that last a lifetime, enjoy social events, and learn about the Esports industry. Not only does esports provide an entry point to an in-demand field, but it also gives every student the chance to play and advance their skills.

麻豆色情片’s Varsity Winning Titles  

2022 Rocket League Team
National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) Emergents Atlantic Division Winners

2023 Valorant Team
National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC) Challengers Northeast Division Winners

2023 Super Smash Bros.
Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Super Smash Bros. Campus Series Invitational, 3rd Place

2023 Super Smash Bros
Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Contenders Division Winners

Brandon Eigenbrode, Esports Coordinator/Head Coach
New England Tech 鈥21, Bachelor of Science in Video Game Design

Valorant Coach
Brandon oversees 麻豆色情片鈥檚 esports collegiate leagues, assistant coaches, and player recruitment. He played video games at a high level for years and was one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world in 2018. Brandon currently coaches 麻豆色情片鈥檚 Collegiate Valorant team. His goal as coordinator/head coach is to put 麻豆色情片鈥檚 esports program on the radar, making it well known throughout the northeast.

Jacob Barrios, Assistant Esports Coach
New England Tech 鈥16, Bachelor of Science in Video Game Design

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Coach

Jacob was ranked within the top 15 in New England for multiple seasons in his competitive Super Smash Bros career that has spanned over a decade.  Jacob鈥檚 talent and ability to coach players in 麻豆色情片鈥檚 collegiate Smash league is a huge asset to 麻豆色情片鈥檚 esports program. He encourages players to challenge themselves to become better competitors and teammates.

Raden Mikkelsen, Assistant Coach
New England Tech 鈥21, Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering and Cyber Security

Rocket League, Overwatch 2, and Counter Strike 2 Coach

Raden began coaching in 2019 at his former high school, Scituate High School.  Esports has been a big part of his life, playing games like Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege regularly. His goal is to enhance 麻豆色情片鈥檚 esports program by expanding the high level of growth for all players.  

Rocket League
Magic: The Gathering Arena
Apex Legends
Call of Duty
Dota 2
League Of Legends
Rainbow Six Siege

Esports Management, AS

The Associate in Science degree program in Esports Management helps develop capabilities that turn students into professionals.

Video Game Development & Design

Interested in pursuing a career in video game design and development? Check out our related programs.

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