Career Focus from Day One

At New England Tech, we offer three degree options that will help you succeed in your chosen profession from Day One. You will have the flexibility to jumpstart your career in just 18 months with an associate degree or in 36 months with a bachelor’s degree. If you’re looking to expand your professional opportunities and take on a leadership role, our accelerated graduate degrees deepen your skills and knowledge.

Our degree programs are designed with one incredibly important element in mind: You. Because you’re here to acquire the skills and experience you need to succeed in your career, our focus is on getting you from first day with coursework to first day on the job at a highly accelerated rate. The curricula are designed to provide the quickest return on your investment, so you can start a rewarding, meaningful career with all the knowledge you need to become a leader in the profession.

New England Tech specializes in immersive, hands-on programs that let you learn by doing. Work side-by-side with faculty to make learning feel like a group endeavor instead of a high-pressure solo challenge. You’ll get personal attention every step of the way, with faculty selected because they are industry experts in their fields who thrive on sharing their expertise and who will know you by name. With this approach, you’ll get ample exposure to the technology, tools, and team-building abilities you need in your future workplace, and you’ll get the support that will give you a strong start, no matter what industry you choose.